photograph provided by James Gundersen

Since 1969, Sandra has been on this planet led by a desire to bring comfort to others. Taking the tools provided to her at an early age she began painting.


Her Mission

SANDRA MAE WEIR ART - WHERE ART AND FAITH MEET- has a few broad missions with an underlying themes. That the art bring comfort to those hurting and an awaking to the ones falling asleep and to advance the understanding that life is more than what we see with our eyes. Also art need not be bizarre and ugly to elicit a powerful response. The themes and expressions come from a place deep within, a message of remembrance. Sandra understands she has no mastery of any aspects of the technique in painting. To compete with the rich artistic heritage of 2000 years of accumulated Art is of no interest to Sandra. She knows she is not a Master painter however each year she invests in new training and in learning new skills to strengthen her ability to express most perfectly what is in her heart. Her art is created with a remembering  of the romanticism art movement that touched upon a universal and timeless themes. Sandra's offerings are for anyone who will have eyes to see, a platform for pondering hearts - a honest and frank dialog not spoken in words but with each painting that says beauty, truth, hope, kindness and faith are of real worth in our world today. 

I am invested whole heartedly in contributing my voice to the sound of eternity
— Sandra Mae Weir Where Art and Faith Meet